WAS for z/OS Liberty Profile - ESB4G

Liberty profile is a new application server run-time model that is available on all platforms supported by the WebSphere Application Server V8.5 product. The IBM WebSphere Application Server "Liberty Profile" is a significant new approach to application serving. The Liberty Profile is designed to be composable, lightweight, dynamic and fast: Liberty is small, lightweight, highly composable, fast-to-start, dynamic application server runtime environment, with simple configuration. It can be deployed and started in seconds so it's an ideal Java runtime for the cloud. Liberty for z/OS provides the same features as Liberty on other platforms along with independently enabled extensions that exploit z/OS facilities such as Workload Manager (WLM), Resource Recovery Services (RRS) and System Access Facility (SAF), which provides close integration with the z/OS operating system. WebSphere Liberty for z/OS provides the base infrastruture for z/OS Connect and WOLA which enables z/OS systems such as CICS and IMS to better and more easily participate in today's Mobile computing environment. This course introduces the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile on z/OS and covers installation and configuration. It describes how to install and administer a Liberty profile server as a started task, along with command-line scripts. The course also explains how to manage and monitor a Liberty for z/OS server environment.
You should have experience with the installation and customization of z/OS and its subsystems, including WLM, UNIX Services, and the Security Server (Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)), or equivalent product.
2 Days
This intermediate course is for experienced data professionals such as z/OS system programmers who are responsible for the installation and customization of WAS V8.5 liberty for z/OS, along with Information Technology (IT) professionals responsible for the deployment applications into WAS V8.5 liberty on z/OS.

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