Watson Explorer Foundational Components (v11) - O3100G

Training Summary
In this course, you will learn the core features and functionality of Watson Explorer Foundational Components. This core functionality is found in all editions of Watson Explorer (Enterprise and Advanced edition).This course is designed to introduce the technical student to using the enterprise search functionality in creating applications using the Search Engine and Application Builder capabilities. In this course will look at configuring search collection and engine components for ingesting, converting, indexing, and querying. This course will also introduce you to the design process of creating an Application Builder 360-degree application.This course offers hands-on labs giving students exposure to the various aspects of configuring components that will be used in solutions that will involve Watson Explorer Foundational Components functionality.
Basic knowledge of the use of search in enterprise applications Knowledge of accessing enterprise resources Knowledge of XML and the usage of XSL (XSLT/XPath) Knowledge of coding applications using an API framework, compiled language, or scripting language.
4 Days
This is an intermediate course for Solution Architects/Designers, Software Architects/Engineers, and Software Developers who will develop, deploy, manage and/or maintain Watson Explorer Enterprise Search and 360-Degree applications.
Course Topics
Please refer to course overviewLearn about:Cloud & Data PlatformData and AIAI Applications MarketClient Care PortfolioWatson Discovery

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