Web Application Development with HTML5 using JavaScript and jQuery

This course is designed for beginning to advanced web designers and developers with some knowledge of any version of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but no knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery or how or why they are used in modern web development. The course is also for those web designers and developers who would like to make the leap into mobile web development and develop websites and web applications for handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets. In addition, the course is a great jump-start for web designers who would like to focus more on web development, in other words designers who have built static non-interactive websites and who now wish to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). The course is also advisable for developers of web applications who currently use other technologies such as Adobe Flash and Flex or Microsoft Silverlight and would like to understand what HTML5 and its related API's bring to the RIA table.
Students must be familiar with prior versions of HTML and JavaScript. Some knowledge of CSS and jQuery is helpful.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for web developers with some prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Web designers who would like to make the leap into application development or programmers with a background in creating Rich Internet Applications with technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flex.
  • Introduction
  • HTML5 Fundamentals
  • HTML5 Semantic Markup
  • New Media Elements
  • New Form Elements and Attributes
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Web Storage API
  • Geolocation
  • Web Messaging
  • Web Workers
  • Drag and Drop
  • Offline Applications
  • XMLHttpRequest Level 2
  • Web Sockers
  • Server-Sent Events

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