Web Services Concepts for Managers

The Web Services Concepts for Managers training course provides an overview of the key concepts, technologies, paradigms, and methodologies associated with developing a service-based platform using RESTful Web Services as the implementation strategy. The course begins by examining the key motivations for both service-based platforms and web services. It then transitions into a discussion around the historical and current trends in developing services, touching on things like proprietary solutions, SOAP, and REST. With the general foundation laid, the course then provides a high-level examination of the key technologies and components used to develop RESTful service solutions. The Web Services Concepts training course is applicable for all roles within a software development organization and does not require a programming or deep technical expertise.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
  • What is a Service-based platform
  • What are Web Services
  • Introduction to Building Web Services with SOAP
  • Introduction to Building Web Services with REST
  • Managing Web Services Solutions
  • Future trends

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