WebIntelligence 4.3 Basic & Intermediate Reporting

This class is a combination of instructor-led lecture, discussions, and demonstrations with a heavy emphasis on hands-on workshops to teach WebIntelligence. Topics include; creating new documents, formatting reports, applying reporting functions, and conditional formatting. This class is a combination of instructor-led lecture, discussions, and demonstrations with a heavy emphasis on hands-on workshops to teach WebIntelligence. Topics include creating different block structures, using Turn Into, vertical, horizontal, forms and cross table reports, master/detail, complex conditions, charts, advanced cross tables, ranking, breaking, sorting, filtering, Input Controls and conditional formatting with cross tables. Objectives At the end of this course, students will be able to work with the BI Launchpad, build queries, work with filters, use the New Copy/Paste functionality, utilize the speedmenu, format reports, apply a variety of reporting functions, apply calculations, and use conditional formatting in reports. Students will also be able to create a variety of report format types, create a variety of charts, create complex conditions with prompts, create complex crosstabs, and apply formatting options, reporting functions, Input Controls and conditional formatting to cross table blocks.
Before taking this course, students should have basic Windows skills.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for WebIntelligence users who create their own documents.
  • WebIntelligence As A Tool
  • What Is WebIntelligence?
  • What Is A Universe?
  • What Are Objects/Query?
  • Working in BI Launchpad
  • Understand BIWorkspace
  • Adding /Removing Objects
  • Adding/Removing Filters
  • Using Query/Report View
  • Saving Documents to Favorites
  • Saving to Local File Formats
  • Using Copy and Paste
  • Inserting, Duplicating, Deleting, Renaming ::Reports
  • Inserting/Removing Columns
  • Adding New Rows and Columns
  • Sizing Rows and Columns
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Justification
  • Grouping
  • Ranking
  • Breaking - Multi-level, Value Based, Auto-totals
  • Outlining
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Calculations
  • What are Rules?
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Applying Conditional Formatting to Report blocks
  • Active Data Tracking
  • Using Templates/Turn Into
  • Creating Vertical/Horizontal Blocks
  • Creating Forms/Cross table Blocks
  • Creating Master/Detail Reports
  • Inserting Multiple Sections
  • Adding Summary Cells to Sections
  • Creating and Formatting Charts
  • Chart Types
  • Create Prompts
  • Setting Default Values For Prompts
  • Creating Multiple Filters
  • Using Ands/Ors /Using Brackets
  • Review of Block types
  • Creating Cross tables
  • Displaying Row and Column Headers
  • Advanced Cross tables
  • Applying Breaking, Ranking, Folding
  • Applying Sorting
  • Applying Filters at Block, Section and Report Level
  • Creating Sectioned Reports
  • Applying Conditional Formatting to Applying Conditional Formatting to Crosstabs
  • Outlining in Cross TablesOutlining

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