WebIntelligence 4.x: Advanced Reporting

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This class is a combination of instructor-led lecture, discussions, and demonstrations with a heavy emphasis on hands-on workshops to teach WebIntelligence. Topics include: formulas, variables and functions, multiple data providers, advanced query filters, subqueries, drilling on reports, cross tables and charts, combination queries, and revising SQL.

Prior to taking this course, students should have taken the WebIntelligence 4.x Intermediate Reporting (1 Day) class.

1 Day/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for WebIntelligence users and/or anyone using WebIntelligence Desktop Reporting.

  • Creating/Editing Formulas
  • Creating/Editing Variables
  • Converting Formulas to Variables
  • Utilize Functions in Calculations
  • Adding New Queries
  • Duplicating Queries
  • Deleting Queries
  • Merging Dimensions to Link Data Providers
  • Add To Merge
  • Reporting From Excel Files Directly
  • Reporting From SQL Directly
  • Creating Single Report Blocks from Multiple Data Providers
  • Object to Object Filters
  • Creating Subqueries (Any/All)
  • Query within Query
  • Setting Drill Preferences
  • Hierarchies
  • Drilling and Using Scope of Analysis
  • Snapshots
  • Union Queries
  • Intersect Queries
  • Minus Queries
  • Viewing SQL
  • Editing SQL
  • Saving Changes
  • Resetting Changes
  • Sharing/Utilizing Report Elements

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