WebLogic 11 Server Administration

The J2EE platform is Java's answer to enterprise scalable applications. BEA WebLogic is one of the premier Application Servers that implements the J2EE specification. Students will come away from class with the ability to build and configure complete WebLogic domains. The course will cover the details of administrating a J2EE server. This is a hands-on learning experience, with each student having their own WebLogic Server.
Java programming is not necessary, although it may be helpful.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for WebLogic Server Administrators.
Introduction to WebLogic 11::WebLogic Installation and Testing::WebLogic Console Administration::JNDI with WebLogic::WebLogic Deployments::Configuring JDBC::Configuring JMS::WebLogic HTTP Container::WebLogic Security::Configuring WebLogic Clusters::Node Manager::WebLogic Performance Tuning::WebLogic Scripting Tool

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