WebLogic 12c Advanced Server System Administration

Students will learn to customize existing Weblogic server environments. Through this class they will take advantage of some of the more specialized features that Weblogic provides. WLST Scripting is emphasized as a viable alternative to console administration and will be explored in this class. We will discover the basics of MBeans as a administrative unit and manipulate properties several ways in this class. We will emulate load on a server and tune the server to enhance the performance. This is a hands-on learning experience, with each student having their own Weblogic Server to learn with.
Java programming is necessary to build custom management classes.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for existing WebLoginc administrators who need to administer a WebLogic Server platform.
  • Course Introduction
  • Weblogic Management Services
  • Weblogic JMX
  • WebLogic Scripting Tool
  • Weblogic Work Managers
  • WebLogic Diagnostics Framework
  • Weblogic Performance Tuning
  • Weblogic SNMP
  • Configuring Weblogic Security Providers
  • Weblogic SSL
  • Advanced Weblogic JMS
  • Weblogic JMS Store and Forward

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