webMethods Integration Platform 6

This course introduces the webMethods Integration Platform 6. Participants learn through hands-on exercises how to build an end-to-end integration solution. Participants will create Services to accomplish business tasks using the entire platform (webMethods Integration Server, IS Administrator, Trading Networks, Developer, Broker, Modeler, and Monitor, excluding Mainframe and Workflow). The concept of the data pipeline is introduced and students learn to use mapping tools, including webMethods Flow Services, to move XML documents and other data into and out of an Integration Server. Participants are also introduced to the server administration tasks required to manage and deploy a solution. At the end of this course, students will be able to model, execute and manage automated business processes across the extended enterprise. This course is an intensive workshop; the core of the course is a representative example business case that utilizes the entire platform. The students will individually build out the business case completely during the four days of the course. Exercises are designed to prepare students for self-sufficiency.
Students should have 1 to 2 years experience with Web development, HTML and XML webMethods 6 Fundamentals. Software development experience strongly recommended
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Developers with a background in programming and XML familiarity who will be building a webMethods integration solution using webMethods 6
  • Describe the architecture and components of the webMethods 6 Platform
  • Perform basic Administration tasks
  • Explain the interaction of Services and the Data Pipeline
  • Use Built-in Services and webMethods adapters to perform integration tasks
  • Develop custom Packages and Services to perform business logic
  • Create Services using webMethods Flow language
  • Create de-coupled integrations via publish-subscribe messaging
  • Send and receive data over the Internet
  • Create, execute and deploy business process models

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