WebSphere Application Server Administration 5.0

This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the IBM WebSphere 5.0 Application Server Architecture. Participants will gain experience deploying applications that implement and utilize Enterprise Java Beans, Web Sever Plug-ins, Web Services and JMS in a WebSphere Application Server. Students will define deployment descriptors, troubleshoot deployment problems, manage security and understand workload using the command line interface and the WebSphere Administrator's Console. Exercises and lab sessions reinforce the learning objectives and provide participants the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience
Students should have administration skills prior to attending this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for network administrators, database administrators, system administrators, developers and support staff.
Introduction to IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0::IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0 Installation::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Architecture Details::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Administration Essentials::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Advanced Administration::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Application Deployment::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Security::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Workload Management::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Web Services::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Administering JMS::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Application Tracing and Troubleshooting::IBM WebSphere 5.0 Performance Monitoring and Tuning

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