WebSphere Commerce Suite Programming

The objective of this course is to make programmers become expert WebSphere Commerce Suite developers. The course begins with VisualAge for Java team development best practices. Then it builds a strong base in advanced WebSphere programming using JSP, EJB, and Servlet. We then introduce students to WCS command and EJB development. The course provides a detailed understanding of the most important subsystems such as Order, User, and Catalog.
The student must have experience using Java.
7 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Intermediate Java Developers.
Advanced Introduction to VisualAge for Java::Setting up VAJ Team Development::Team Development Best Practices::Change Management::WebSphere Programming and Best Practices::WCS Programming::WCS Subsystems::WCS Customization Techniques::WCS Security Model::Store Archive and Store Deployment::Problem Determination Techniques

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