WebSphere Edge Components

The IBM WebSphere Edge Components include several components residing at the "edge" of the network. They can work with pure web servers or with WebSphere Application Servers at the backend. One component is the Dynamic Load Balancer. One part of the Load Balancer, the Network Dispatcher, uses an Advisor daemon at each server to determine current load on the server machine. It uses this information to dynamically redirect client access to the least busy machine. The Load Balancer interfaces with popular routers such as Cisco and Nortel. The Load Balancer also includes Content Based Routing (CBR) which routes client requests to an appropriate group of servers based on the URL content. This allows different servers to handle different parts of the web application. Another component is the Caching Proxy which is suitable for either a Forward Proxy, between the client browser and the internet, or a Reverse Proxy, between the internet and the servers. This can work with a CBR plug-in component for content-based routing. The Site Selector component is the equivalent of an intelligent DNS server for relaying requests to back-end servers.
Students should have experience with administering WebSphere Application Server 6.x.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system administrators, consultants, software architects and enterprise application developers
  • Planning and Installation
  • Getting Started with the Caching Proxy
  • Configuring and Tuning the Caching Proxy
  • Configuring the Caching Proxy Behavior
  • Configuring Proxy Server Caching
  • Configuring Proxy Server Security
  • Monitoring the Caching Proxy
  • Network Dispatcher Component
  • Content Based Routing (CBR)
  • Site Selector Component
  • Advanced Features of the Load Balancer
  • Administering and Troubleshooting Load Balancer

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