WebSphere for z/OS Version 8.5 Implementation - ES68G - MEA

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WebSphere for z/OS Version 8.5 Implementation - ES68G - MEA

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WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Version 8.5 (V8) for z/OS provides a Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) runtime environment for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), along with servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) in web applications.WAS V8 extends the platform established in WebSphere for z/OS V7, bringing new functionality for application management, and new flexible management and administration options.Learn how to install and customize WebSphere V8.5 for z/OS, and how to deploy EJB applications and web applications. Reinforce the concepts you learn in lectures with extensive hands-on laboratory exercises.Note: This course does not address Java application development for z/OS, and it and does not teach the use of programming tools such as IBM Rational Application Developer V8.


36 Hours

This advanced course is for experienced z/OS system programmers responsible for the installation and customization of WAS V8, along with Information Technology (IT) professionals responsible for the deployment of EJB and web applications into WAS V8 on z/OS. Teams of two or three individuals from an enterprise are recommended to attend. Teams should include the z/OS system programmer responsible for the installation of WAS V8, an application assembler responsible for deploying EJB and web applications, and possibly a WAS specialist. The range of skills needed for deploying WebSphere eBusiness applications is such that it is rare for one IT professional to have expertise in all areas of WebSphere.

Understand the basics of object-oriented applications, EJBs and the J2EE standard runtime environmentPrepare the base z/OS environment, including all system prerequisitesPlan for and configure the WAS V8.5 runtime environment using the supplied WebSphere Customization Tools (WCT) workstation applicationDesign and implement a complete server security scheme for WAS V8.5 on your z/OS systemCustomize your WAS V8.5 runtime on z/OSSet up and run the Installation Verification Test (IVT)Deploy an EJB application and a web application into your new WAS V8.5 runtime using the systems management administrative functionsConfigure and manage network deployment, including a deployment manager and node agentsConfigure web-based topologies for WAS V8.5 using the IBM HTTP server on z/OS together with the WebSphere plug-inInstall and configure an the Apache-based web server on z/OS to host the WebSphere for z/OS plug-inConfigure and use a web server node in WebSphere to assist managing the web server plug-in fileCreate a cluster by cloning your first application serverSee how the plug-in can perform load balancing and achieve high availabilityCreate a proxy server, and drive your applications through this proxy serverDefine a JDBC driver and data source and deploy a sample application to connect to a DB2 for z/OS subsystem through the UDB universal driver type 4Describe the main components and infrastructure of the WebSphere for z/OS Java messaging run time environmentPlan for the monitoring of performance in your new WAS V8.5 runtimePlan for the modification of the installation security configuration necessary to support J2EE application securitySet up and configure a Liberty profile server, then deploy an applicationSystems w/TPSMainframe TPSApplication Platforms TPSz Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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