WebSphere Message Broker V2 to V6 Migration

This course is designed to provide technical information for System Administrators This course covers the architecture and components of WMB. The installation, administration, and using of WMB. Students will learn about Workbench and the new functions provided. The use of tools to design and manage message flows and apply them in applications will be shown. Performance factors and ways to collect data will be discussed. Problem determination and debugging techniques are shown The IBM supplied nodes are covered and common functions will be covered. There are many hands-on labs throughout the class.
Students must have experience and knowledge of WMQ
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for WMQ and WBIMB administrators who are supporting WMB.
WMB V6 Overview::Installation and Customization::WMB Toolkit (Workbench)::Deploy and Control Message Flows and Message Sets::Control and Security::Performance::Debugging and Problem Determination

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