WebSphere Message Broker v7 Workshop

This course is designed to provide general technical knowledge for application architects and developers to effectively utilize IBM's WebSphere Message Broker to integrate new and existing applications. This course covers the architecture, administration, and using of WMB. Students will be using the graphical user interface Message Broker Toolkit to develop, test and manage message flows, message sets and apply them in applications. IBM supplied nodes are described and exercises to implement them are provided. Tools to deploy and debug message flows are featured. ESQL concepts and common functions will be covered. This course is based on WMB Version 6.1. There are exercises following each module to provide students with hands on experience with the product.
Students must have experience and knowledge of WMQ concepts and application programming. Some knowledge of SQL, databases administration and java is desirable.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for applications architects, designers and developers to learn all the basics of WebSphere Message Broker. System Administrators will benefit as well.
  • Message Broker Introduction
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker Overview
  • Customization and Administration
  • Basic ESQL
  • Message Flow Development
  • Nodes Processing
  • Message Format Service
  • Advance Flows and Nodes
  • WMB Publish and Subscribe
  • Broker Performance and Transaction
  • Web Services

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