WebSphere MQ Bootcamp for Java/JMS Programmers

This course is designed to provide solid technical knowledge for the student to begin coding applications using IBM's WMQ. This class contains hands-on exercises for a variety of common message type programs. Application design concepts will also be covered.
The student must have experience in Java programming. Knowledge of databases or transaction management is also desirable.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for WebSphere MQ applications designers and developers working in a Java environment.
  • WebSphere MQ Overview
  • Introduction to asynchronous messaging models
  • The MQ Interface (MQI) API
  • Putting/Getting messages to/from queues
  • Request/Reply processing
  • Publish/Subscribe processing
  • Syncpoint (Unit of Work) and Transactional messaging
  • Using MQ in an n-tiered e-Business architecture
  • Integrating WebSphere MQ with WebSphere Application Server
  • Message-drive beans and WebSphere MQ
  • Tracking messages - Report options
  • The WMQ Object Model
  • Java Bindings (Server) and Java client classes
  • Java Message Service (JMS) classes
  • Exits (Security, Channel, Message)
  • The Java Message ListenerBean
  • Error Handling and Recovery
  • Message segmentation (handling large messages)

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