WebSphere MQ V7 Administration for LUW

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The course takes the students through the concepts, basic administration and some advanced administration topics for WebSphere MQ V7 (WMQ) on the distributed platforms (Windows, AIX, UNIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, AS/400,). Most of the course contents also apply to other platforms such as z/OS, Tandem and VSE. The students learn how to install WebSphere MQ, setup Queue Managers, define and manage Queues, Message Channels, Distributed Queuing, Clusters as well as advanced channel handling topics and performance monitoring and tuning topics. The course also helps to prepare for the IBM WMQ Certification tests. It is using machine exercises specific to the selected distributed platform:-Windows-Linux-AIX (pSeries)-Sun Solaris-AS/400 (iSeries)

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for system administrators responsible for the setup and maintenance of WebSphere MQ systems on Windows, AIX, Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris or AS/400 platforms.

  • Messaging Concepts
  • WebSphere MQ Planning and Installation
  • WebSphere MQ Basic Administration
  • WebSphere MQ Application Programming
  • WebSphere MQ Logging and Recovery
  • WebSphere MQ Clients
  • WebSphere MQ Clusters
  • WebSphere MQ Security
  • WMQ JMS Support
  • Miscellaneous Administration Topics

Students should have system administration experience on distributed platforms.

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