WebSphere Personalization

In this course students will have the opportunity to work with many of the different features of WebSphere Personalization. Students will be exposed to the installation and configuration of the WebSphere Personalization development and runtime components. They will also generate and manage user data using WebSphere Studio, and produce rules using the Studio and Personalization features. Also presented is the creation of resource classes using VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Personalization API. Finally, students will create and manage resource collections using WebSphere Personalization Resource Console. From these resource collections, students will construct recommendations and integrate those recommendations, resources and rules.
Students attending this course should be experienced with web site development using WebSphere Studio as well as have developed Java applications using Visual Age for Java.
4 Days/Lecture and Lab
This course is intended for Website Developers and Programmers.
  • Personalization Overview
  • IBM WebSphere Personalization
  • WebSphere Personalization Components
  • Resource Engine
  • Rules Engine
  • Recommendation Engine
  • WebSphere Personalization Installation
  • WebSphere Personalization Development Process
  • Personalization Resources
  • Personalization Rules
  • Resource Console
  • Creating and Managing Resources
  • Creating Rules using WebSphere Studio
  • Using rules in JSPs
  • Creating Recommendations using Java APIs
  • Using recommendations in JSPs
  • Integration of recommendations, resources, and rules

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