WebSphere WMQ COBOL Application - Intermediate Topics

This course is designed to enhance technical knowledge for application programmers so that they will be able to code applications using IBM’s WMQ MQI. The material is at V7 level. This class contains hands-on exercises for a variety of common message type programs. Application design will be emphasis building robust messaging applications with good performance. JMS concepts and components and its relationship with WMQ will be discussed. Functions to incorporate MQ with SOA, Web Services, and ESB will be covered.
Before taking this course, students must have experience in WebSphere MQ COBOL programming. Knowledge of databases or transaction management is desirable.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for WMQ applications designers and developers with MQ knowledge.
WQI (Application Interface)
  • Writing MQ Programs
  • Request and Reply Model
  • Triggered Programs
  • Multi-Point Messaging on Messaging Network
  • Transactional Message Processing
  • Problem Determination
  • Performance
  • V7 API
  • MQ in CICS/DB2
  • Coding Samples

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