What Project Portfolio Management Can Do for Your Business

Training Summary
Formal projects are an enormous and important investment. But consider these questions: Are you confident that you are getting the most out of every project dollar? Do all of your projects fully support your business strategy? Are you certain that your projects actually deliver the Business Value they are supposed to? If not, how much of a return are you getting on your project investment? Project Portfolio Management (PPM) sustains your organization's business strategy by ensuring that you fund the right projects at the right time. When it works well, only the highest value projects are funded, you know the health of every project, you have control over the entire portfolio, and you know how much Business Value each project will generate. This one-day course explains the benefits that you can expect from an effective PPM process, and presents steps you can take to obtain those benefits. Attendees assess their current PPM procedures and governance and compare them with current best practice. What Project Portfolio Management Can Do for Your Business presents a practical approach to implementing PPM in a way that can drive your Business Strategy forward. Take home a clear understanding of what you can do that will make a difference. Take this management training course and learn what you can do to ensure that you choose the right projects at the right time and reap the benefits of the Business Value that they can deliver. Portfolio Management Training delivers insights into the project delivery and funding process that are not available in standard Project Management Training. This course is executive training at its best.
This course does not require any prior project training or special knowledge of project management concepts, although a basic understanding is helpful for some of the exercises.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, other senior executives who establish and execute business strategy, PMO directors, functional managers and executives with project responsibility, portfolio managers and anyone who uses projects to execute business strategy, and anyone who is planning on implementing portfolio management software.
Course Topics
Why project success is not enough
  • The promise of PPM
  • The PPM process
  • Role of formal project management in PPM
  • Steps for improving PPM
  • Making every project visible
  • Getting the right projects funded at the right time
  • Keeping the portfolio aligned with Strategic Goals
  • Improving project success rate
  • Giving management the information they need to manage the enterprise
  • Managing portfolio risk
  • Managing change in PPM
  • Reporting on portfolio results
  • Creating a portfolio that is a Business Value delivery machine

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