What's new for Sybase 15 for Developers

This course starts with late-12.5 features that have slipped through the knowledge cracks at many shops to the major new abilities in ASE 15, including data partitioning and the rewritten optimizer.
Students entering this course should have prior knowledge of SQL as well as basic knowledge of relational database theory.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for students who want to know the differences between Sybase ASE 12.5 and 15. Best practices techniques for installing and administering Sybase ASE 15, and upgrading Sybase ASE 12.5 to 15.
  • Whats new for late ASE 12.5.x releases
  • What's New in ASE 15.0
  • Database Changes
  • Data Partitioning
  • Optimization Improvements
  • Computed Columns and Function-based Indexes
  • Scrollable Cursors

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