Windows 2000: Installation and Administration

Students will learn how to install and manage the Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional operating systems.
Students should take Windows 2000: Network and Operating System Basics or have equivalent knowledge before taking this course.
5 Day/Lecture & Lab
Students enrolling in this course should understand networking basics and be familiar with the Windows 2000 interface
  • Installing Windows 2000
  • The Windows 2000 Boot Process
  • Managing Hard Disks and Partitions
  • Managing Users and Groups in a Windows 2000 Workgroup
  • Sharing and Securing File System Resources
  • Configuring Windows 2000 Network Clients
  • Managing user and Groups in a Domain
  • Connecting to a Novell NetWare Network
  • Managing Network Storage
  • Managing Network Printing
  • Monitoring and Optimizing Performance
  • Protecting Against Disaster
  • Using Terminal Services

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