Windows 2000 Professional

In this course the student will learn how to set up and support the Windows(r) 2000 Professional operating system and prepare for the Microsoft(r) Certified Professional (MCP) exam with this official Microsoft study guide.
The student should have a basic understanding of network and operating system essentials.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for those with no previous Windows NT experience, system administrators and technical support.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Installing Windows 2000 Professional
  • Using Microsoft Management Console and Task Scheduler
  • Using Control Panel/the registry
  • Managing disks
  • Installing and configuring network protocols
  • Using the DNS service
  • Implementing the active directory service
  • Setting up and managing user accounts/group accounts
  • Setting up and configuring network protocols
  • Administering network printers
  • Managing data
  • Implementing security in Windows 2000
  • Monitoring and optimizing performance in Windows 2000

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