Windows Based Programming using MFC and Visual C++ Version 6.0

This course takes the programmer through an introduction to the Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries, and introduces the proper programming paradigm that is expected to be used in the Microsoft environment.
Students should have a C++ background.
5 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for the C++ programmer who wants to get a quick overview of MFC, and begin to build sophisticated GUI applications from scratch
Create Multiple Document Interface Applications using the Application Wizard.::Describe the Document/View Architecture exposed in the Microsoft Foundation Class Libraries.::Invoke the Class Wizard to manage, maintain, and extend standard MFC classes.::Add command handlers for user interface elements in an application from the Class Wizard.::Add advanced User interface elements to provide feedback to the user.::Use the Utility and Collection classes effectively to store data.::Effectively use the C++ template classes that are provided as part of MFC.::Provide selection semantics in your application.::Establish tracking and movement functionality for objects exposed in an application.::Implement serialization code to add data persistence to an application.::Design and implement modal dialog boxes in a windows application using the Resource Editor.::Register and utilize ActiveX controls in your application.::Provide sophisticated data integrity functions to check for proper dialog box data entry.::Describe the process used to move data to/from Dialog boxes (DDX/DDV).::Provide for Advanced window features such as different view types, split windows and modeless dialog boxes.::Effectively utilize the Visual C++ Help facilities to locate function descriptions and requirements.::Describe the debugging techniques that may be used in Visual C++ to locate run time errors.::Message Based Programming::Implementing the User Interface::Implementing Application Features::Dialog Boxes::Advanced Topics

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