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This workshop teaches the fundamentals of identifying wireless vulnerabilities and how to resolve them The number of wireless devices continues to grow-enterprises, homes, and even the local coffee shop offer wireless Internet services. Unfortunately, the security implemented on these devices is often at risk due to improper implementation, or is absent completely. Nevertheless, organizations lacking an understanding of wireless security continue to use these devices, putting their corporate and user data at risk.In order to ensure that data is secured against interception in the wireless medium, students must have an informed and current understanding of the present-day methodologies, tools, and vulnerabilities, which allow these attacks to occur. Wireless Network Security is an intense hands-on course delivered over 3 days.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed to address the training needs of IT and security professionals who must be able to assess the security of their network and protect it against attackers.

  • Introduction
  • Wireless Technology Essentials
  • Configuring a Wireless Security Lab
  • Wireless Discovery identifying access points with visible and hidden SSIDs, mapping wireless networks (Netstumbler, Kismet, gpsmap)
  • Rogue Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Packet Capture
  • By-Passing Simple WLAN Authentication
  • The IEEE 802.11 MAC Layer
  • Assessing WEP networks
  • Assessing WPA-PSK Networks
  • Attacking the WLAN Infrastructure
  • Advanced WLAN Attacks
  • Attacking Wireless Clients
  • Secure Wireless Architectures

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