Working with Groovy

Training Summary
Groovy is a dynamic scripting and programming language for the Java platform. It combines the dynamic features of modern scripting languages such as Ruby and Python with familiar Java syntax. To quote one of the Groovy developers: “Groovy is what Java would have been if it had been created in the 21st century.” This course introduces the Java developer to the Groovy language. The course focuses on understanding the internals of how Groovy works in addition to understanding the Groovy language syntax. After taking this course developers will understand the Groovy syntax and be able to leverage existing Java classes within Groovy.
Attendees should have practical basic Java development experience.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This an intermediate-level Groovy training course, designed for developers who need to understand how and when to use Groovy in Java and JEE applications.
Course Topics
  • Language Overview
  • Basic syntax and Scalar variables
  • Advanced Classes and Closures
  • AST Transformations

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