Writing and Running Tests

Training Summary
This interactive workshop addresses management aspects of carrying out tests and reporting test results and test status. Since test execution typically occupies the greatest portion of test time, it is essential to leverage limited resources to maximize defect detection and ejection. That means isolating and reporting defects so they can be removed quickly. It also means analyzing testing results to enable focusing economically on areas with the biggest payback. Finally, it involves appropriate use of automated tools and other techniques to organize and handle often huge volumes of tests and test results. Exercises enhance learning by allowing participants to practice techniques with an actual case.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for systems and test managers, testers, analysts, and others who plan, oversee, and/or carry out testing of software products.
Course Topics
  • Defining Test Cases
  • Testing Infrastructure--Technical
  • Isolating and Reporting Defects
  • Managing Test Execution

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