Writing Effective Briefing Notes

Briefing notes are an essential means for staff to inform, advise, and influence the decision-making process in public and private sector organizations. This workshop uses practical exercises to develop skills in planning and writing briefing notes that aid effective decision-making. You will learn techniques for summarizing complex information, and in writing concisely and persuasively. The workshop is highly interactive and you are encouraged to try out new skills in a fun, no-risk environment. Participants are invited to bring samples of their work for review by the instructor.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
2 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who needs to write briefing notes as part of their job.
The Purpose of Briefing Notes
  • The Structure of Briefing Notes
  • The Importance of Planning
  • The 4 Stages of Effective Writing
  • How to Use Planning Models
  • How to Formulate a Research Plan
  • How to Write Your Draft from a Plan
  • How to Write a Summary
  • The Importance of Editing and Proofreading

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