Writing Secure Code

Training Summary
When writing software, we’re faced with many different requirements: It should work, it should have good performance, and it should be easy to update and change. Most of the requirements we’re facing have one thing in common: If mistakes are made, they are usually obvious. With security, things are different. It can take moments to write insecure code, but months of hard work to find and exploit it. In this course, we’ll learn the patterns that make our code insecure, as well as the concepts behind them. We’ll explore famous hacks from-the-past, and understand how to mitigate security risks. This course is t focused on the C++ Programming. We reference the current CERT C++ Coding standard as another reference source for the course.
To take this course, you must have practical software development experience, and feel comfortable with jumping into new concepts and programming languages. Please note that this course can be customized to any programming language of the client’s choice
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for software developers.
Course Topics
  • C++ Secure Coding Environment and Practices
  • C++ Coding practices to CERT and NIST standards.
  • Secure Networking

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