Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler

Training Summary
This course describes how to write CGI programs that interact with a web page in Assembler.
Experience in coding / maintaining Assembler programs; current knowledge of Assembler, such as might be obtained from attending course C500: "z/OS Assembler for Applications Programmers". Familiarity with z/OS UNIX such as might be obtained from attending U510: "Introduction to z/OS UNIX" and U520: "Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX". Familiarity with developing a website using the IBM z/OS HTTP server, such as might be obtained with attending U518: "You and z/OS and The World Wide Web".
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for students with knowledge of Assembler, CGI basics, and Web fundamentals.
Course Topics
  • General Program Structure and Techniques
  • Basic Processing
  • Handling GET Requests
  • The Data Connection - Part I: The Story
  • The Data Connection - Part III: Working With DB2 Data
  • Hidden Controls and cookies
  • POST Requests
  • Handling Files Sent by POST
  • Working With Unicode Data
  • Submitting jobs from a CGI
  • Wrap up

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