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This course is an intensive, hands-on introduction to XML, XPath, and XSLT. The course is a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs designed to take students from the basic fundamentals of XML right through to the advanced XML technologies. The students are walked through the different standards in a structured manner to enable them to master the concepts and ideas, which are reinforced in the lab exercises. The course starts with the fundamentals of XML, including coverage of either DTDs or XML Schema. It then moves on to the XPath and XSLT standards, and how to use them to transform XML documents into other documents such as HTML documents or other XML documents.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab


  • Introduction to XML
  • The XML Document
  • Namespaces
  • Valid XML Documents
  • XML Schema
  • The Document Type Definition (DTD) Overview
  • XML Schema Advanced Topics
  • XPath (XML Path Language)
  • XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) Basics
  • Transforming XML to XML
  • Transforming XML to HTML
  • Conditional Processing

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