XML for ASP Programmers

This course is designed to show developers how to use XML to transcend the limitations of HTML and deliver rich, structured data from any application. The class will guide the student and provide examples of XML-enhanced Web pages that can be incorporated into other sites.
Students should have general Web Development knowledge. HTML is a required skill for this class while DHTML is recommended, but not required. Scripting Language (VBScript or JavaScript) is also recommended but not required, and finally the student should have Database knowledge.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for programmers and technical managers who need to understand what XML is used for and learn the basics of XML structure and syntax in a Microsoft environment.
Introducing XML::History of HTML::Creating XML::The DTD (Document Type Definition)::Viewing all the Data::Scripting XML::XML as Data::Linking with XML::XSL XML with Style::XSL Patterns::XML Schema::Future for XML

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