XML Parsing using Visual Basic and .NET

This course teaches the different types of XML parsing available in .NET. It covers the different parsing methodologies available from Microsoft and gives an overview of XML technologies in the .NET Framework. Both the streaming model of XmlReader and XmlWriter and the Document Object Model (DOM) are covered in detail. Validation using DTD and XmlSchema is discussed. New features in System.Xml in .NET 2.0 are discussed in the context of where the topics are covered. Visual Studio 2005 is used as the development environment.The course includes extensive programming examples, including a progressively developed case study. Upon completion of this course the student will be equipped to program XML applications in .NET and understand which parsing method to apply for the problem domain.
Students should have the ability to read and to write well-formed XML and have a working knowledge of programming the .NET Framework using Visual Basic.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Programmers.
Understand the purpose of the .NET Framework XML classes::Identify the .NET classes involved in parsing and creating XML documents::Handle XML parsing exceptions::Parse and validate XML data streams using XmlReader classes::Use the XmlWriter class to create XML data streams::Modify, create and delete information in an XML document using the .NET DOM classes::NET Framework XML Overview::The Reading XML Streams in .NET::Validating XML Streams::Writing XML Streams in .NET::The Document Object Model in .NET::Manipulating XML Information with the DOM

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