XML Programming Using C# and .NET (Custom for Wells Fargo)

This custom course builds skills in .NET's XML processing APIs-chiefly parsing using XmlReader and the Document Object Model (DOM), writing XML streams using XmlWriter, transformations using XPath and XSLT. It also covers the tight coupling between XML and ADO.NET. Everything in the course adheres to W3C and .NET standards for highly portable code. Visual Studio 2008 with .NET 3.5 is used as the development environment.The course includes extensive programming examples, a progressively developed case study, and several tools for manipulating XML documents. All source code is in C# and is provided with the course. A separate Lab Manual provides detailed instructions for laboratory exercises with console and ASP.NET Web Forms client programs.
Students should have the ability to read and to write well-formed XML. Also a working knowledge of programming the .NET Framework using C#, including ASP.NET and a working knowledge of ADO.NET is recommended for the portion of the course dealing with ADO.NET and XML.
5 1/2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is intended for students with a working knowledge of XML who want to build XML Web applications or components using .NET and the C# language.
  • NET Framework XML Overview
  • Reading XML Streams in .NET
  • Validating XML Streams
  • Writing XML Streams in .NET
  • The Document Object Model in .NET
  • XML and ADO.NET
  • XPath
  • Introduction to XSLT
  • Appendix A. Zenith Courseware Case Study
  • Appendix B. Learning Resources

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