z/OS and DB2 Basics for DB2 for z/OS DBA Beginners - CV041G

Training Summary
Troubleshooting is the backbone of service maintenance and management.
There are no formal prerequisites for this course.
5 Days
This beginning DB2 basic course is for z/OS database administrators who need to acquire the basic skills required to administer a DB2 database in a z/OS environment.
Course Topics
Describe several services provided in a z/OS environmentExplain workloads in the batch environmentExplain workloads in the online environmentDescribe job roles in a z/OS environmentLog On to TSO/ENavigate TSO/E and ISPFUse TSO commandsSetup and utilize JCL (Job Control Language)Utilize SDSFDescribe the different types of data sets in a z/OS environmentAllocate data sets and list data set information and contentCreate and modify data set contentGive an overview of the DB2 9 environmentDescribe and utilize DB2 ObjectsDescribe and utilize several DB2 UtilitiesDescribe the DB2I (DB2 Interactive Facility) environmentUse SPUFI (SQL Processing Using File Input) to compose and�execute SQLSetup and execute DB2 CommandsUnderstand DB2 LoggingDescribe DB2 program preparation processUnderstand DB2 startup and shutdownUnderstand and utilize DB2 recovery strategiesAdminister the product, Cloud Data and AI, Information Architecture Market, Databases and Tools for Z Portfolio

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