z/OS Assembler Programming Part 4: z/Architecture and z/OS

Training Summary
Students who complete this course will be able to write or maintain Assembler programs that use hardware instructions introduced with z/Architecture and related techniques introduced with z/OS.
Before taking this course, students should have experience writing or maintaining Assembler applications; knowledge of predecessor capabilities such as covered in ProTech’s z/OS Assembler Programming Part 3: Update.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for experienced Assembler programmers needing to update their knowledge to include hardware and Assembler instructions and techniques that have become available with z/Architecture and z/OS. Systems programmers may also benefit from this course as a first exposure to the System z hardware and z/OS software.
Course Topics
z/Architecture overview
  • z/OS overview
  • Linkage and AMODE issues
  • Register management: preserving left hand word values
  • Register management: working with 64-bit values and 32-bit values
  • Packed decimal changes: TP
  • Packed decimal changes: ASCII and Unicode input and output
  • Packed decimal changes: converting between packed decimal and 64-bit integer
  • Binary arithmetic: halfword, fullword, doubleword data
  • Binary arithmetic: arbitrarily long binary numbers
  • Boolean instructions in 64-bit form
  • Shifting and rotating bits in registers
  • Working with data in ASCII
  • Introduction to Unicode
  • Working with data in Unicode
  • Floating point, as it relates to interlanguage communication
  • V1.2 facilities; IARV64
  • The Dead Zone
  • V1.3 update: AMODE64 programs
  • V1.4 update: new cell pool macros
  • z990 instruction set
  • z9 instruction set
  • Facilities
  • z/OS V1.5 and HLASM V1.5
  • z/OS V1R6 changes
  • z/OS V1R7 - Large format data sets
  • z/OS V1R8 - new instructions, intro to decimal float
  • z/OS V1R9 - nothing new for the Assembler applications programmer
  • z10 instruction set
  • z/OS V1.10 and HLASM V1.6
  • z/OS V1.11: not much
  • zEnterprise (z196, z114) instruction set
  • z/OS V1.12: macro enhancements
  • z/OS V1.13: not much
  • zEC12 instruction set

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