z/OS Connect EE from a Developers Perspective

You are being tasked with development of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) into your z/OS environment. You have heard of z/OS Connect but are not sure what it is or how it can help. Then this course is for you. We will first cover just what z/OS Connect is and what it can provide. After that we will take a look at how it is implemented with CICS, Db2, MQ, and batch applications. The workshops included will focus on implementation of applications rather than coding. With z/OS Connect, z/OS Connect Toolkit, and the newer versions of Enterprise COBOL and CICS TS the coding effort has been minimalized.Note: This course is 1 1/2 - 2 days.
Students having a strong background with z/OS JCL, TSO/ISPF, SDSF, plus COBOL programming is preferred. A conceptual understanding of CICS, Db2, or MQ will be beneficial. No actual COBOL coding will be performed during the workshops, just a review of the provided application program.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Application developers, technical support, and system programmers with the desire and need to understand how z/OS Connect EE (Enterprise Edition) fits into your enterprise.
  • What is z/OS Connect EE
  • What are RESTful APIs and JSON
  • What is the z/OS Connect API Toolkit and how to use it
  • What changes to z/OS Connect are required to implement your APIs
  • Implement a CICS provider and requester applications
  • Implement a Db2 provider and requester applications
  • Implement a batch MQ provider application

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