z/OS Installation Using ServerPac - ES41G

Training Summary
Understanding how to effectively troubleshoot product issues enables
You should have: The ability to use MVS JCL to construct job streams The ability to use VSAM IDCAMS to work with VSAM objects End-user skills for TSO/ISPF PDF editor and utilities Understanding of z/OS functional components: Equivalent to attending z/OS Facilities (ES15G) Familiarity with SMP/E processing
4.5 Days
This intermediate course is for New z/OS System Programmers who are required to install and administer an z/OS environment.
Course Topics
Create a z/OS implementation plan based on installing a z/OS ServerPacInstall and activate the CustomPac Installation DialogUse the CustomPac Installation Dialog to configure the z/OS system layout according to local requirementsExecute the installation jobs created by the installation dialog and any related customization task necessary to build an initial IPLable z/OS systemPerform the hardware and software configuration tasks required to IPL a z/OS systemPerform basic PARMLIB customization of the new z/OS base necessary to provide a stable platform for migration and testing of other products and applications on the new z/OS levelReuse the ServerPac z/OS system configuration in future installations and reduce time spent on upgrading the z/OS system level, Systems w/TPS, Mainframe TPS, Application Platforms TPS, z Enterprise Transaction Systems & integration

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