z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) Implementation & Use – ESB3G

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z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) Implementation & Use – ESB3G

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Mobile revolution is trending much more than “eBusiness 1.0”. To gain business value from mobile initiatives organizations must implement a mobile strategy. IBM technologies help enable mobile solutions on IBM System z. The availability of the IBM MobileFirst application development platform makes the development and integration of mobile solutions a reality for the enterprise. Enterprises that have investments in mainframe applications and data cannot afford to start from scratch when exposing business critical assets to mobile and cloud channels. z/OS Connect is a new feature that provides a simple, consistent, secure, and high-performing way to integrate existing z/OS business and infrastructure assets with the cloud and mobile worlds. The proliferation of mobile computing and mobile devices is accelerating. Increasingly, those devices are seeking data that resides on z/OS. In this course we will explore a solution for exposing your z/OS assets "as a service" behind a REST interface. That solution is z/OS Connect. With z/OS Connect, virtually all z/OS System of Record assets can be discovered and reached using simple RESTful calls from cloud and mobile platforms. You will learn how IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect and WOLA fit together and how you can use mobile devices using RESTful protocol to connect to your z/OS backend systems We will show how z/OS Connect fits within a broader IBM Mobile architecture, and we will provide a hands-on exploration of setting up and using z/OS Connect and WOLA on real z/OS Systems that each lab team will have for their use.

Experience with the installation and customization of z/OS and its subsystems, including WLM, UNIX Services, and the Security Server (Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)), or equivalent product.

3 Days

Experienced data professionals such as z/OS system programmers who are responsible for the installation and customization of Liberty for z/OS and z/OS connect, along with Information Technology (IT) professionals responsible for designing a mobile strategy around z Systems, creating mobile solutions to access z/OS assets, and implementing End-to-End Architectures for accessing z/OS. Prior to enrolling, IBM Employees must follow their Division/Department processes to obtain approval to attend this public training class. Failure to follow Division/Department approval processes may result in the IBM Employee being personally responsible for the class charges. GBS practitioners that use the EViTA system for requesting external training should use that same process for this course. Go to the EViTA site to start this process: http://w3.ibm.com/services/gbs/evita/BCSVTEnrl.nsf Once you enroll in a GTP class, you will receive a confirmation letter that should show: The current GTP list price The 20% discounted price available to IBMers. This is the price you will be invoiced for the class.

After completing this course, you should be able to: •Describe the role of z System in a mobile strategy, and learn how it’s positioned in the cloud and mobile ecosystem. •Understand the value System z delivers to mobile solutions. Besides access to enterprise data, System z provides an optimal infrastructure for mobile computing that is reliable, available, and extremely secure. •Understand how, with the IBM MobileFirst Platform, teams are able to build and connect mobile applications that can access data from DB2®, CICS®, and IMS™without leaving the mainframe. •Describe how Rational tools integrate with System z and the IBM MobileFirst Platform to create the optimal, mobile DevOps environment. •Examine comparisons between System z and distributed systems and the benefits to be found by putting the mobile infrastructure on the mainframe. •Learn how you can enable z/OS systems such as CICS and IMS to more easily participate in today’s mobile and cloud computing environments •Learn how IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect and WOLA fit together and how you can use mobile devices using RESTful protocol to connect to your z/OS backend systems •Implement z/OS Connect Gateway and then use WOLA to connect to your back-end systems such as CICS, IMS and z/OS Batch.

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