z/OS Parallel Sysplex Concepts for System Programmers

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z/OS Parallel Sysplex Concepts for System Programmers

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This course presents the features, functions, and requirements for running in the Parallel Sysplex environment. Capabilities of z/series processors are reviewed regarding how each participates in the Parallel Sysplex configuration. The Coupling Facility, which forms the basis of IBM's unique method for high-speed data-sharing across all systems, is discussed at length and in significant detail. The course begins with a high-level introduction that examines the terminology, components and architectural aspects of a parallel sysplex. The presentation then moves into the details of management and operation of a parallel sysplex environment.

Students should have an understanding of OS/390 and/or z/OS fundamentals.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This class is designed for Systems Programmers, Technical Support and anyone who wants a better understanding of the technical issues associated with the Parallel Sysplex.

  • Concepts and architecture
  • Planning for sysplex
  • Defining a sysplex
  • Workload Manager Considerations
  • Managing a sysplex
  • Data Sharing Considerations

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