z/OS Systems Operations

Training Summary
This hands-on course is designed to get z/OS Operators familiar with current data center hardware, MVS concepts, system control and troubleshooting, and successful interaction with the rest of the enterprise data center. Live MVS test systems will be used in hands-on demonstrations of system concepts, monitoring, and control.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days
This course is intended for relatively inexperienced console operators and operations management, service desk and system support technicians who are responsible for monitoring, operating, and managing the operation of an MVS data center.
Course Topics
  • Intro to MVS Operation
  • z/OS Overview
  • Using the MCS Console
  • Navigating MVS Documentation
  • Job Entry Subsystems
  • Monitoring and Controlling Jobs & Tasks
  • VTAM Operation
  • Parallel Sysplex Overview
  • Parallel Sysplex Operation
  • UNIX System Services Operation
  • CICS Overview
  • CICS Operator Basics

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